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10/29/2018 New project «Shopping & Entertainment Center "Avenue"» (Аллея), Chelyabinsk.

Our company successfully concluded their participation in the tender for design works of the shopping and entertainment center "Avenue" (Аллея), which will be located in a new micro-district on the embankment of the Miass river. "Avenue" will include many entertainment, cultural and social facilities.

Within the frame of the project, the embankments of Miass river will be re-designed with various open air facilities, cafes and restaurants.

For the time being, the works have started on the architectural concept.

8/15/2018 Start of construction "Soho + Noho" complex.

The construction of the multifunctional hotel complex with apartments and underground parking "Soho + Noho", located on Bumazhny Lane 2/2, Moscow, designed from our company and on which we continue to work, has started recently. We have participated the design process since the very beginning, starting with the architectural concept in cooperation with the international bureau Metex, and continuing up to the Detailed Design documentation.

The "Soho+Noho" complex is made of SMART-apartments of business class.

The concept of creating SMART-apartments is based on the desire to maximize the free space for a comfortable living. Several measures work for you thanks to ergonomics and functionality like sliding doors, niches, multi-functional furniture, while the arrangement of the panoramic windows gives great views.

You can see all these features on the website of the complex:

8/10/2018 New project "BVLGARI HOTELS & RESORTS".

Being a dynamically developing company we are not standing still and developing rapidly. Recently DP signed contract as an General designer for preparing "working documentation" and and "Interior design works" for multifunctional complex “BVLGARI HOTELS & RESORTS”. Design of the of hotel is prepared by Italian company Antonio Citterio Patricia Viel & Partners in cooperation with ATRIUM company.

The project will be performed by unique drafting technology BIM with using highest LOD.

This hotel categorized as an luxury class and and is located in the hearth of Moscow, 300 meters from Kremlin and Red square.

We are proud of participating in the realization of such a unique project!